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Kathleen - 8 February 23:03

Chaud, j’adore sa chatte. Appeler, passer des heures alone, mais l’un comme ennuyeux.

Elliot - 22 November 19:56

Cela peut être directement éclairé dans le sens que la femmes famille de quillota la cecilia femme est appelée à verser une somme exorbitante à la famille de prostitution l'homme comme dote.

Admin - 30 December 07:35

On an interesting note, the straight, cis, male partners I've had who *did trust me to relate my experiences in this body has been like, Ooh, you surge? That's so cool! Can you tell me about it? What does it feel like? Is that something we can do for you together? The straight, cis, male partners I've had who did *not think that female ejaculation exists (like it's Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy and they get to declare my bodily functions as mythical? were repulsed by the idea that my body did something they did not understand.В

Nathan - 21 February 08:05

I will never say not to a Rosa's handjob, she is the queen of my cock

Buckhannon - 4 March 10:32

My wife did the same thing when I was on deployment in the service,she was a wild thing when I got home!

Isa - 27 April 19:57

young wife sharing friend

Alleen - 10 December 12:32

Sorry for the almost non-nonsensical rant, it just came out of me as I watched the video.